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Written by Bec on August 15, 2009 – 10:37 AM -

Backlinks Basics: and How Good Websites Go Bad with Backlinks

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by Jean Asta from Mainstream Webmasters

traffic If you have a website of your own, it won’t take long before you learn about backlinks. They are an incredibly important marketing tool for websites – and one that is often either underused or misused! Knowing how to get backlinks, how they work, and how building backlinks the wrong way can trash your website’s rankings are all vital topics any website owner should know. What are backlinks? They are simply links to your website from another website. A visitor on a website is looking for information, they click on a link on that website, and it is actually a ‘backlink’ to your website, bringing the visitor to view the linked page. The more quality, relevant, natural backlinks that lead to your site, the higher your site will be ranked by search engines, and the more likely you are to get the traffic you are targeting to arrive at your site.

This all sounds straightforward enough, but you have to be sure that you understand how to get backlinks that will help you – not hurt you. We said in the last paragraph that backlinks have to be quality, relevant and natural. Let’s look at these three requirements a bit more closely.

Quality backlinks are those that connect from a site of quality content. You only want backlinks from reliable, reputable sites – hopefully that also have high search rankings in the related topic area. You do not want backlinks from ‘backlink farm’ sites – automatically generated web pages that simply list link after link to other websites. This once popular ‘trick’ was used to try to fool search engines. But, as usual, the search engines eventually learned this trick too, and now they disregard these sites.

A backlink won’t be quality if it isn’t relevant. For example, if your website is about yoga for pregnant women, you would want backlinks from yoga sites, pregnancy sites, women’s health sites, or sites with other relevant topics. Search engines look to see that backlinks make sense – having a backlink from an office supply store to your yoga site wouldn’t be relevant and the search engine would either ignore the link or knock your ranking down.

Finally, backlinks should be natural. This means that they were built over time and by a process that makes sense. You do not want to suddenly create dozens of backlinks all in the same time frame – these will be flagged as suspicious. But you do want to slowly build a network of quality backlinks that will help the right visitors to get to your site.

You can start building backlinks by looking for sites that are relevant to your own website. Reciprocal links – where you agree to link to a page if they agree to link to yours – are a popular tool that used to work very well. However, search engines are getting more astute all the time, and if you reciprocally link to a site that is irrelevant or of poor quality, that will hurt you more than help you. So you can certainly establish reciprocal links, but do it selectively – only if it makes sense for the targeted audience of both sites.

Another trick website owners once used was to link to their own website from another one of their websites. The problem is that search engines now check to see if your backlinks come from the same IP address as your site. If you attempt to network all your sites together just to get backlinks, you’re going to hurt your rankings. But again, if you have one or two that are logical, that are natural, and that would make sense to your visitors, you can establish a few backlinks between your own sites.

Jean Asta is a full-time writer & management analyst. She has produced thousands of articles, ebooks & operational report.

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Google PageRank Toolbar Explained

Written by Bec on February 2, 2009 – 9:18 AM -

This article from Mainstream Webmasters, by Lory Sargu, will guide you through the importance of the toolbar, and its accuracy at reporting PageRank.

I will also discuss the feature about it that most people, including many SEOs are not aware of. If you have an existing site, use this as a reference to ensure that you are using the toolbar properly. I am going to review the key 5 areas.

The toolbar is not accurate, and it has limitations.
If you visit a page that is not in the index, but Google has a very similar page indexed that is very close to yours, then the toolbar will estimate its PageRank. Also, Google represents PageRank through the toolbar, but since the nature of PageRank is linear (a multiplier) and the toolbar is not, there are limitations.Note: Please read “A few more words on PageRank” in my Google Best SEO Practices- Part 4 article to find out more about this subject.

The information the toolbar displays is outdated.
There is a big difference between toolbar PageRank and actual PageRank. The data you see in the toolbar is 4 to 6 months old. Google tracks and assigns PageRank in real-time, but does not update the toolbar in the same fashion. There are multiple tools that estimate future PR, but they are just that, estimates. Keep this in mind.

Best SEO features: highlighting & backlinks.
You can highlight all instances of the search term on the page returned from your search. This helps you see how many times your competitors use these keywords on their pages, so you can adjust your SEO campaign accordingly. Also, the backlinks feature displays all the pages that link to yours, which Google counts towards your PageRank. Like I said above, remember this is outdated information.

The toolbar’s most hidden feature: indexing.
Ever wondered how can Google index pages with no links to them? Well, here is how it’s done: if you are browsing the web with the toolbar installed, (I am not saying just visible or enabled), Google is recording every page you visit and simultaneously checking to see if the address to it is in the index or not. So what if its not? It will be indexed on the next schedule. If you don’t want a page to get indexed yet, the make sure you don?t have the toolbar installed in your browser while getting it ready.

Demystifying the “pagerank dependency”.
PageRank is only one of the 100+ algo components of Google, and it is overrated. Don’t rely solely on the toolbar to determine your link partners. You want links from related pages with high traffic, not high PageRank alone. And my final advice: Make sure you have at least 2 browsers, one with the toolbar (if you need it) and one without (to visit your not-ready pages).

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Build a Traffic Monster

Written by Bec on February 2, 2009 – 8:00 AM -

Three years later, this article by Haui,  a regular contributor on NetPond Resources, is still pertinent in regards to thinking outside the box, not following the herd and just generally a good way to get a traffic monster site built! No, this isn’t a blog he’s building, but the principal of how to get and keep your book markers applies to any surfer site, including blogs. I’m also amazed at his foresight of this video site tutorial before tubes became such a lucrative marketing venue.

You can not think “two galleries and a free site” in todays market or it will eat you alive.

You have to get away from the same type of thinking. I know for years you have been beat over the head with build two galleries and a free site and everything will come together for you and eventually you will make money. You know what I say to that in today’s market. You must think outside the box today and use the tools and resources you find to compete in today’s market and pull in the hits. If you’re full time in today’s market your going to find yourself working harder and harder to make the same amount of money so you must do what ever you can to get them on your pages and keep them on your pages. If you don’t, you’re going to lose out. It really makes me go (crazy) what when you see people post “well put less content on the page and they will sign up to see more”. Again that’s bullsh*t. The average porn surfer is smart enough to move on and go on to the next site to get what he wants.

You know why webmaster posts give less rather than more original ideas?  The average person is afraid of change. They don’t want to change their way of thinking and come up with new innovative ideas because they are afraid of change. And they want you to follow the same herd mentality and follow blindly along. You better not. Especially if you hope to make any money. And bottom line… its all about the money.

Okay you say “what can I do?”   Here is one idea I will give you that you can use to build a sticky page that you can use to get porn surfers to your page and keep them on your page.  You can get free videos you can embed on a page at Daily Motion, YouTube, IFilm, and Xtube. (Note from Bec: a LOT of sponsors are now offering legal to use flv and freehosted embedable movies for affiliate usage to create tubesites, you won’t even have to host the videos!).

Use those videos to build yourself a 25 to 100 page video site with your ads for your sponsors on each page. Try building one first with free email sign up sponsors , Free Trials and $1 Trials. (WegCash, CECash)

Put your ads above and below the videos on each page. Have them on the pages also. Have 2-3 ads and text links above the videos and 2-3 ads below the videos. Put a email sign up box from CE Cash at the bottom of each page. These are your pages you can do what ever the hell you want to do with them. Ask yourself this, did you make anything today? If not, here is a way to at least make something every single day.

Build yourself a real nice looking front page for this site. Dump it every where you can. Dump it to every link dump you can. Add a link to it off every page , blog or site you own. Every day go in and add a new video or two. Make a box for the front page, “Whats New” …In that box put the links to the new video page every day. Dump those new links to the link dumps every day as you build them. Have a text link to your front page on every video page you build.

Are you getting the idea? You have new pages to dump to the link dumps every day and every video page you build has a link to your front page. You are building a traffic monster if you work it right. Once you have the initial site built you build 2 video pages a day and dump those pages to the link dumps. Every page on your site should be optimized for the search engines.

I don’t care what you have heard: hand submit your front page and every now and then your new pages to Google and Yahoo. Build your front page on a blog if you can so you have a feed to submit to all the places you can submit feeds. Now watch at Google and Yahoo. Once your site is indexed drop back to submitting one video page a week by hand to Google and Yahoo. Each page including your front page should have complete meta tags. I know some people will question this but have them there. Come up with a general set you can use for each video page. And add information about the videos on each video page you build to the meta tags on that page.

If you build a site like this and keep it up for a minimum of three months I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the book markers , the daily traffic you build up and bottom line your sales.

Okay there’s you a new ideal you can run with and see what you can do. You don’t have to follow it exactly. Just trying to give you a general frame work to work with and hopefully make some money. My next post here will be about using the traffic you build up with a site of this type to build other new sites for you and to expand and use your traffic on your sites and hopefully in time build youself a huge TRAFFIC MONSTER.

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Submit Your Gay Blogs with Gay Blog Submitter

Written by Bec on August 28, 2008 – 9:22 PM -

 Submit Your Gay Blogs to Multiple Gay Blog Directories with GayBlogSubmitter

The multiple gay blog directories the submitter lists you with, (there are currently 5), are setup to be clean and free from junk links so that those of you that submit your sites to Gay Blog Submitter will get better quality traffic and SEO.  They don’t just list your site in their directories, they also send out a crawler to add other valuable pages from your site to their database. That way, you not only get deep searches that find and list your individual blog pages, but you also get the added benefit of better SEO deep linking. Once approved, your site and its pages will be listed at multiple gay blog directories from just one submission form.

Get your site(s) submitted to today!

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