Decoding ugly eval gzinflate or base64_decode in Free Themes

Written by Bec on May 13, 2009 – 8:00 AM -

Free for Bloggers and Webmasters! Oh how I love free stuff. But beware! Some free stuff can cost you big time! I’m all for people getting and retaining credit for their hard work, especially for themes that are freely shared amongst the masses … BUT I also want to know just what is being served up off of my server. Themes and shareware that comes with a disclaimer stating I can only use the them so long as I  “don’t touch this encrypted code” giving so-and-so credit that is loaded into the footer.php file of my possible new theme is going to be de-coded before it ever graces one of my sites. I’m not going to be happy to find out I’m throwing around ads to casinos, launching popups, relaying hacking / tracking information, or installing malware viruses just because I want to use the pretty free theme.  And it should concern you as well.

Not sure yet what I’m talking about? Read on.

After you download a batch of free template themes, or even some shareware files are doing this too, go into them one by one, and open the footer.php with something like Wordpad, Notepad or Dreamweaver.  If you see encoded files or rather scripts where you can’t see or modify the source then you’ll want to get that decoded. These encrypted files can be identified by the starting line which is like: eval(gzinflate(str_rot13(base64_decode. Then it goes on with a mass of random numbers, letters and characters like ‘FZi3ksTWEVJ/hZnITwDvV’ and so on.

You can use the method outlined here on to create a little script in three steps that will let you decode and actually see what has been included in that free theme or shareware file before you upload it to your site.

I haven’t always checked what’s in some of the themes I’ve mentioned in the past, but I will be diligent about doing so from here on out. Be especially cautious about downloads on sites that aren’t the “original” site for the theme. It is easy enough to setup a “free template” site and host a bunch of themes that the guy has added his nasty encoded scripts into.  Just one theme tonight we looked at using contained a multiple scenario of malicious malware installs, casino popups, and other timed ads. What a load of rubbish! So protect yourself, your clients and your server … find out what’s in those encoded footers before installing them!

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Free WordPress Theme for a Celebrity Blog

Written by Bec on October 4, 2008 – 10:32 PM -

I was surfing the net and as usual, one link led to another, and I came across a really nice blog design that is just perfect for any of you who are about to setup a gossip and/or celebrity type blog.

Gossip City was created by Design Disease, and while it isn’t specific to the Adult Blogging world, it certainly fits a celebrity niche.

Gossip City WordPress Theme

Gossip City WordPress Theme

 You can demo the theme, download the zip file, and read the release notes here: Gossip City Theme.

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