Active Ping List for 2012

Written by Bec on April 3, 2012 – 7:48 AM -

If pingomatic is the only site listed under your ping site list you may want to add additional ping sites to your blog settings. There is a recent ping list published by MaxBlogPress‘ (Feb. 2012) blog that shows you what ping sites are currently active, which ping sites are a “must have” for your list, and also a list of recently de-activated sites so that you can edit older lists you may be using for your blogs. Personally, I’d just copy and paste over any old listings and save it… saves you a ton of time and effort to keep current with your listings.

There is also a step by step guide on how to add the ping list, which should take you all of 1 minute to complete.

Be sure to check out the other MaxBlogPress blog helpers: Ping Optimizer, Ninja Affiliate, Duplicate Posts Checker, Optin Form Adder, and lots more helpful plugins for bloggers!

ninja affiliate

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MaxBlogPress Christmas Deal

Written by Bec on December 9, 2009 – 10:22 AM -

MaxBlogPress Christmas DealMaxBlogPress Christmas Deal For bloggers! The Maxblogpress Christmas DEAL is LIVE…

MaxBlogPress has just launched their Special Christmas Deal and it’s the best offer ever on some of their most popular blogger products! ==>

Here’s the full scoop:

For the next 8 days ONLY they give you the opportunity to literally snatch 4 of their best selling products [worth $328.00] at 75% OFF.

This discount offer will expire on Midnight 15th December and this package will never be sold at this price again – that’s their promise!

Here’s the most exciting part – if you had to buy these products individually you’d expect to pay a minimum $328.00 – but today you can grab all four products and get instant access for less than $90, one-time investment. That means,you’re saving $241 !

Here’s what I’m talking about:

– Product #1 –
MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate [retails for $97]

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate
MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate The best feature I like which is the core basis of this WordPress plugin is actually the option to automatically convert your blog keywords into links to the affiliate product of your choice; the best part is that even your old keywords can turn into money-making affiliate links.

Why would you want to convert old keywords into affiliate links? Just think about this for a moment – let’s say you’ve found a brand new affiliate program and you can’t wait to promote it to your blog. You don’t have to wait until you write your next post, just use Ninja Affiliate plugin and it’ll convert the keywords of your choice into affiliate links on auto-pilot. You work once, and all the keywords you input will be turned into links that make money, without you having to edit any post whatsoever.

And how does this help you? By saving you a lot of time, effort and energy. And the Ninja Affiliate Plugin also helps you fight commission theft and cloaks your links; a must-have for serious affiliates!

– Product #2 –
Wordpress Wizard 2.0 [retails for $97]

Wordpress Videos
WordPress Wizard 2.0 The ultimate wordpress and blogging coaching program in which you’ll find a series of more than 50 videos showing you everything you need to start a blog, get traffic and earn from it.

– Product #3 –
$365K Blog Traffic Formula [retails for $37]

The $365K Blog Traffic Formula
The $365K Blog Traffic Formula Attract 365,000 Red-Hot Visitors to Your Blog Like Bees to Honey – Without AdWords! It’s a compilation of 8 “exclusive” interviews… 8 pro bloggers reveal to you how they get their traffic, most of it at no-cost whatsoever!

– Product #4 –
Daily Traffic Blueprint [sells for $97 as OTO]
This is a step-by-step “to-do task” action eGuide for bloggers who are sick & tired of hunting for traffic and want traffic to come to their blogs instead.

P.S. remember, if you had to buy these products individually you’d expect to pay a minimum $328.00 – but today you can grab all four products and get instant access for $87 only, one-time investment [yes, you’re saving $233!]…

==>MaxBlogPress Christmas Deal
Use This Link to Gift Yourself and Save $233!

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Max Banner Ads Plugin

Written by Bec on July 11, 2008 – 6:00 AM -

Finally! Someone has come out with a plugin for banners that doesn’t require messing with your template code! Normally, adding banners means editing your wordpress theme, messing with lots of codes and even then you probably won’t have the end result exactly as you want it.

But what if you had the power to easily place your banners in any position you want to on your blog? What if you could also track your banners, find out how good they really are doing? Above all what if you didn’t even have to worry about editing your WordPress theme to do all of this?

What if all of this could be done with one powerful and easy plugin? That is where Max Banner Ads, from MaxBlogPress, comes into play. Adding, controlling, and tracking the banners on your blog has never been easier or more powerful than with the Max Banner Ads plugin. Plus, YOU CAN ADD Adsense, Text Ads, Adbrite, javascript ads, flash or any kind of ads you want using Max Banner Ads.

Here is just a sample of what you can do with this plugin:

1. Add banners almost anywhere you want on your blog. Top, bottom, sides, as a widget, put them in your posts, and even have them change where they appear on page load.

2. Rotate as many banners as you wish.

3. Easily upload banners from your computer, from the web, or link directly to a banner hosted on another site.

4. Track Banner Impressions and Clicks: The click through rate is calculated by the plugin itself and is displayed as a percentage value.

So go grab the free download of the Max Banner Ad plugin. Pawan shows you what it does, and how to install it, on his site Max Blog Press.

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