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Written by Bec on December 30, 2008 – 9:30 PM -

Custom Feeds Service from

Custom Feeds Service from

We all know that one of the hardest parts to blogging is about making posts in a timely matter.  A blog that does not post on a regular basis is a waste of cyber space and you are almost guaranteed it will never produce any sizable income for you, the owner. It really doesn’t matter what the regular posting basis is (usually once every 3, 5 or 7 days), your readers expect a current post to be there and will stop coming to your blog if they do not see one.

By now I’m sure most of you have realized that to make serious money these days as a blogger you need more than one blog. You really need a network of 10 or more and that makes the regular posting problem even more difficult. You can of course sign on with sponsors that have feeds, and use those to update your site, but then you are tossing out content that is being used by hundreds of other webmasters. Then there’s that whole deal of getting ignored/banned by G**gle because of non-unique content usage.  Now don’t despair!  There is a solution: A custom sponsor feed service offered by the guys at Adult Blog Feeds.

They will customize a  year’s worth of sponsor generated feed updates (approx 120 posts) and build you a static rss feed for that sponsor.  The feed will be built to your specs (pic size, etc) and can include additional “extras”, like links out to your other blogs, or some other creative upsell.  All you have to do is upload the feed to your host and import it to your blog. (Note: They are now able to do feeds for the following freehosts — Thumblogger, Blog Bugs, Blog Tur, Sexusblog, and SensualWriter). Your year’s worth of posts are now all set to go and it only takes 10 or 15 minutes of your time. That leaves you even more time to make more blogs or to dedicate to merchandising the ones you have out there to maximize sales.

The cost? If you sign up under one of their sponsor referral links, the guys at will do the feed for you FOR FREE!  I’m serious! It costs you nothing and they settle for getting a check for 5 or 10% from the sponsor for any sales you generate as their fee. Definately a win – win situation.

So what if you already have an account with a sponsor they list, go create another account using their link and get your blogs under control! (I will caution that some programs won’t allow 2 accounts, so do check their rules and regs before making that decision). Otherwise, the feeds are a mere $20 bucks each, which is about what I consider one hour of my time to be worth, and I’m positive that customizing 120 some posts would take me a lot longer than an hour!

So make that New Year’s Resolution to get your blogs back on track with regular updates and check out Adult Blog Feeds today! And tell DigitalPimp and Garcia that Bec sent ya!

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Blogging for Bucks

Written by Bec on October 18, 2007 – 7:52 PM -

Blogging For Bucks

Michael Stabile knows his porn. He is about as wired into the gay porn industry as anyone can be, what with all the people he talks to each day, the press releases he reads and the deals with insiders he strikes.

Blogging for Bucks: While this article appeared on Xbiz in 2005, much of what it has to say is still relevant today, and bloggers would do well to take notes about some of the tips revealed here.

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