You Need a Blog Writer!

Written by Bec on August 26, 2008 – 1:09 PM -

Blog Writer for HireWell, it finally happened: You have waaaay too many blogs to manage in whatever time frame you’ve given yourself daily to attend to their needs, or maybe you just need to give your creative muse a break … whatever the reason(s) … You Need a Blog Writer! So who’s out there that is Adult niche savvy and willing to take on the grunt work of sizing pics and writing appropriate copy and making sure the links work and that your posts appear when they are supposed to?

I know a few folk in the industry, besides myself, that are writers for hire and up to the daily posting challenge, but most of them are booked up with writing gigs that extend beyond their normal life expectancy. However, there is hope of getting some writing help!  Jeff (aka RDude), of Porn-n-Prose has recently hung up his shingle and is currently taking on additional clients.  Jeff also handles requests for short stories, and other text media besides blog posts. I’ve seen his work, as he has, and does, do postings for Gay Demon, and his prices are very reasonable. Now, no pushing and shoving, but I do suggest you hustle your bod over and check out his site Porn-n-Prose and order some blog posting services before he’s also overwhelmed with requests.

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When Affiliate Sponsors Run Promotions…

Written by Bec on December 6, 2007 – 2:59 PM -

You may be wondering why I’m doing posts telling you about various sponsor promotions. The answer is simple: money, and more of it.

If you know that an affiliate sponsor you promote is running a higher payout on say Friday, then on the day that you’re sitting and writing up your blog posts for the week you should be time stamping a couple of posts for sites from that affiliate sponsor (or the site that gets you the extra bling) that will appear THE DAY BEFORE AND THE DAY OF the increased payout promotion!

Here’s a few tips to help you in keeping track of, and utilizing, sponsor promotions:

1. When you signup to promote a sponsor, always check the box that lets them send you their affiliate newsletter. You’ll usually get notices on promotions and contests, new site releases, plus text, pics, links, etc. of new models and galleries or other promo tools that are available. (Note: You may need to tell your email program to allow those emails to come through, otherwise you’ll be wading through your spam to find them.)

2. Keep a calendar by the computer that has blocks big enough that you can write in when a sponsor promotion is happening. Or buy one of those calendar wipe off boards to use. I got a nice one from Target for under $10 and I love it, and I’m sure places like Office Max or Staples would carry them as well.

3. If you can create folders in your email program, save emails that have material you can use to blog with for that coming week to a folder for that week. (IE: create a folder for each week of the month, and move an email with content/dated info you can use to it.) That way when you’re ready to write your blog posts, you can quickly access current promotional information (I LOVE copy/paste!), links, text, pics and so on. Once you’re done using the email contents of a particular sponsor, just delete it.

4. If you use WordPress, install the Photopress plugin so you can easily import photos from free hosted galleries into your posts. (I’m talking about the Photopress option where you can paste in a sponsor coded gallery url, and it fetches and shows you the images and you select which ones to use. Another bonus is that photopress automatically attaches the url you pasted in onto the image, saving you having to link it up and add your ID code.) Or, if your sponsor sends you a zip of content, unpack it and use the first part of Photopress to browse for it on your harddrive and insert it into your posts that way. Also, take the time to configure Photopress to display the images the way YOU want them to appear, and in the size(s) you want used for thumbs and large images.

Two notes about Photopress: I do NOT see the button that operates it when using the VISUAL mode, I only see it when using CODE VIEW when writing my post.  And secondly: if you get out of memory errors or some other error when you try to USE the plugin, chances are you need to ask your host to INCREASE the place where it says 8MB memory to 32MB memory on the php.ini  They’ll know what to do and that should clear up the problem.

5. And last but not least, dedicate ten or fifteen minutes of your morning while you’re sipping your coffee to quickly read through two or three adult webmaster forums or adult industry boards (besides this blog of course!). That way you’ll find out about other adult affiliate sponsors who are running specials, or launching a site that fits your blog niche.

Here’s to hearing the k-ching of more bling hitting YOUR bank account!

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