These free adult blog host providers will let you open an account so that you can have a blog that is hosted for free on their server. Usually you can select what name (title) you want for your free hosted blog provided it hasn’t already been taken by another webmaster, and gets setup as a sub-domain on the host site. For example, lets say you want your free hosted blog title to be Twinks. Once the site checks that it’s available it assigns it to your account.

Most of these free adult blog hosts also allow you to have as many blogs as you wish under your one account, making it easy to run niche specific blogs that you have access to from your account dashboard. Some hosts also allow you to upload the images and movies you’ll post, but if not, you can use a free image hosting service that allows adult content. One that I know of off the top of my head is Image Venue. A quick search on Google will undoubtedly dig up more free image hosting options.




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