How To Secure Your NATS Data

Written by Bec on January 17, 2008 – 7:23 AM -

This article from TheDocBlog is even more detailed than the information provided directly from NATS on how to secure your NATS database.

This Guide covers securing your NATS backend and performing an overall audit of your NATS backend security setup. Many tips found throughout this guide can be used to secure other Webmaster Programs and scripts like WordPress too.

As with any Program Backend, Security should be your Number One priority. The email hungry and password-trading world is a relentless underground network that will never back off. (plus all the other bs they could get) These guys continually hunt all Webmaster Programs, there servers, networks, bad scripts, and anything else they can find to use as a backdoor in so they can start pawning the Program again.

You don’t have to be a Server Admin or a NATS God to use this guide. However, some parts of this article do require Server Administration Skills and an advanced understanding of Webmastering Nats.

Most Hosting Companies can easily assist you adding the more advanced security additions, if needed. If you are one of those unlucky few that got stuck with a crap host or if you are just in need of a solid Hosting Company then I recommend you check out Phatservers and oc3 Networks for some reliable and secure hosting services.

Anyway, Please don’t try to secure your own NATS Program and Server if you don’t fully understanding what you are doing. Security setup mistakes can be the cause for some nasty problems.

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