EasyXSites: Unlimited Free Adult Blog and Tube Hosting

Written by Bec on August 8, 2014 – 3:53 PM -

Already being used by more than 4,000 adult webmasters to earn easy money, the easyXsites blog platform is now being expanded to include an all new state of the art tube script that allows any affiliate to have tube sites up and running in under a minute! Customize them any way you like with their integrated layout and styles editor, use your own domains or create free hosted sub domains and see for yourself why more than 300 new tube sites were created during its first 23 hours of operation!

Content can be automatically morphed by their spinner or webmasters can create their own custom titles and descriptions. An upcoming sponsor video module will also allow each webmaster to choose their own set of sponsor paysites to promote with their own affiliate codes attached to it.

When easyXsites says it is free, that means absolutely free. No cost for the service, zero traffic skim, show your own advertisements and earn your own money. If you choose the sub-domain option, you don’t even need a domain name or hosting plan and if you own your own domain you can simply point it to their name servers.

Free Adult Blog & Tube Hosting

Free Adult Blog & Tube Hosting

Anyone with a free account on their platform can create fully responsive tube sites that benefit from PlugRush integration, video imports directly from the major tubes including RedTube, Tube 8, PornHub, Xvideos & YouPorn and customization methods that keep your domains unique enough to rank for key terms in the search engines.

Affiliates and webmasters interested in having productive tubes on their dormant domains or seeking a quality free hosted affiliate solution are encouraged to visit the easyXsites website to get started.

Affiliate programs interested in having their promotion tools (.mp4 videos are in high demand!) available to webmasters on easyXsites should contact: markul@easyXsites.com

Reading this post took you longer than it will take for you to create your first tube site, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get busy making money!

Data taken from an orginal post on the GFY Forum

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Straight Content Store Closing – Huge Discounts!

Written by Bec on May 27, 2013 – 3:00 PM -

paulmarkhamcontent Paul Markham is closing its doors and all content is marked down to 66% off. Want a big order? Just contact him and make some super deals. (I’d appreciate it if you mentioned Bec sent you!)

He has 2257 documented photos and videos in hardcore, teen, glamour, fetish and more. If you ever wanted to setup a straight teens, glamour babes, a gf site, or just want your own content to use for promotional purposes, now’s the time to grab a lot of content for very little money.

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CCBill To No Longer Process for File Locker Sites

Written by Bec on June 15, 2012 – 4:19 PM -

Now this is some great news! Many of the file lockers have been allowing uploads of not only trademarked videos, but illegal content videos, and it is obvious the task of moderating and removing questionable content is above and beyond the site owners. Bravo to all at CCBill for taking a stand!

To our friends and colleagues:

Effective immediately, CCBill has discontinued processing for all file locker websites. While CCBill continues to back the business models of our client base without bias, it has been made aware of multiple instances involving content residing on various client websites which violate our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Due to the sensitivity of the matter, CCBill conducted an exhaustive internal investigation with the goal of determining the validity of claims concerning the breach of our AUP. Following the investigation, CCBill decided it can no longer provide transaction services to businesses operating a file locker model.

From inception, CCBill relied on the ability of file locker websites to actively monitor incoming uploads from external sources and immediately remove any illicit files thereafter identified. It has become clear that such a task is both difficult for website operators to accomplish and nearly impossible for CCBill to verify.

CCBill would like to thank those individuals who have provided examples of content existing on file locker websites which is in violation of our AUP. We are all part of this community and we believe it is our collective responsibility to maintain core values and ethics within the adult marketplace. CCBill has, and always will maintain its high standards in dealing with copyright infringement, illegal content and all aspects of our AUP.

CCBill holds client privacy in the highest regard, and under no circumstance will we discuss specific details related to any previous or current client relationship. We respectfully ask for consideration of these policies, and thus please do not ask us to betray this trust.

Gary Jackson
Managing VP

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Take 25% Off at Bigstock Photo Thru Nov 15

Written by Bec on November 10, 2011 – 2:34 PM -

Now through Nov 15th Bigstock Photo is having a 25% off sale on all images bought using their pay as you go method. So if you have been needing some royalty free images, adult or otherwise, for your projects, now is the time to stock up!

How to find the *Adult imagery:

When the Bigstock Photo site first loads you’ll see on left side of the page is the link to start viewing images with the pay as you go option. Click on that and when the page opens up you’ll see a search box at the very top of the page. Just beneath the search box button it says ADVANCED SEARCH. Use that feature to choose various specifics that you want to search by, including changing the Mature Content from Hide to Show.

*Note: Adult imagery does include nudes, but no actual sex. These will be suggestive and/or erotic photos, vector art, drawings, etc.

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Adult Content $1 per Set

Written by Bec on September 6, 2010 – 11:27 AM -

Scarlett Content Sets on Sale

Special #3 – 700 photo sets
from the Bargain Basement at Scarlett Content 

Now Only $700
(That’s $1 per set!)

( 2009 price was $1999)

Don’t need or can’t afford that many sets right now? Then

Choose any multiple of 30 photo sets from our Bargain Basement section,and you will still pay only $1 each set!


Just click on the Specials link in the top right corner of the menu options and check out Special #3!  While you’re there, be sure to check out all the other content deals available now at:

Scarlett Content 

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Gay Content Sale

Written by Bec on May 18, 2010 – 5:01 PM -

Rainbow ContentFor those webmasters working in the gay market place looking to broaden their content library, Rainbow Content is offering up some special deals that should fit even the smallest budgets.

All content is fully 2257 compliant, available for instant download and more importantly, is affordable.

This month’s current content deals at Rainbow Content are as follows:

7 content sets – $80 (pay for 5, get 2 free)
15 content sets – $160 (pay for 10, get 5 free)
25 content sets – $240 (pay for 15, get 10 free)
35 content sets – $320 (pay for 20, get 15 free)
45 content sets – $400 (pay for 25, get 20 free)
55 content sets – $480 (pay for 30, get 25 free)

Payment can be made via most popular methods including Epassporte, Wire, Check, Credit Card and they are also able to work out alternate payment arrangements on an individual basis using Western Union or Paypal.

To take advantage of these May content deals, simply head on over to Rainbow Content (create a new account if you don’t already have one) and place the sets you would like in your cart and follow the checkout process all the way through.  Once payment has been received your content and 2257 documents will be made available to download via links after you login to your account.

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3rd Party 2257 Management Solution Announced

Written by Bec on June 9, 2009 – 3:19 PM -

June 8th, 2009- Woodland Hills, CA

Third party custodian of records service, 2257Safe.com is now open for business. Recent changes to 18 USC 2257 and 28 CFR 75 now permit third party record keeping of your 2257 records. 2257Safe.com claims to have the best web based, record keeping solution. One of the benefits of 2257Safe.com is anonymity. Your personal address information, or office location, can be shielded from being publicly displayed on your website.

2257Safe.com provides you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your 2257 records are safe, secure and organized. 2257Safe.com was designed to take the inherent hassle out of 2257 record keeping so you can focus your time on more important matters such as growing your business.

2257Safe.com was designed for the needs of the small to medium size primary and secondary producers with affordable membership plans to fit the budget of anyone required to store and maintain 2257 records. The company was conceived and designed by a team of individuals who are extremely familiar with the requirements of 18 USC 2257 and 28 CFR 75. The team behind 2257Safe.com consists of adult industry attorney, Michael Fattorosi, YTracker software developer, Dan Underhill, and adult industry insider, Kevin Blatt. Together they are uniquely qualified to understand your needs in maintaining proper records.

” We have been designing and testing this system for more than six months, as many companies who beta tested this product can attest, we have developed the best web based solution for third party record keeping.” Blatt also goes on to say, ” All United States based adult companies need to keep their records current under 18 USC 2257, and we have developed a web-enabled system that everyone can use to manage their own records that is very user friendly and simple to learn”.

Dan Underhill introduced YTracker in 2005 as a desktop 2257 record keeping application and it was greeted with great enthusiasm. Since its release our user base has been wanting to see the functionality that we have achieved with 2257Safe, but at the time 3rd party record keeping was not an option which limited what we could do with the program. According to Dan he is “absolutely thrilled to have the chance to the take all of the field-tested features of YTracker and use it as the basis for a completely brand new, web-enabled application that goes where YTracker could not before. YTracker is still a great tool for those not needing 3rd party help, but 2257Safe’s Application has taken the process of convenient record keeping to a whole new level.”

2257Safe.com’s premium services are available to all clients large or small. You only pay for the hosting space required to store your records, not the number of records in your database. 2257Safe.com’s automatic file compression functionality provides greater than 90% in file space savings from the original files that you upload. Since high quality, consumer-ready files are not needed for the sake of your records we can make sure you are only storing only the quality that is needed. The system is hosted on PCI-DSS Servers. PCI-DSS compliance is the gold standard among security-based data storage. 2257Safe.com’s servers are PCI-DSS compliant and that translates into safety and security for your records.

2257Safe.com’s plans start as low as $9.99 a month for a gigabyte of storage.

For more information on pricing, plans or licensing, please email kevin@2257safe.com

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FEMJOY Webmaster Support is A Plus!

Written by Bec on November 22, 2008 – 12:00 PM -

Everyone seems to be pretty quick to complain about poor (or NO) service from Sponsors, and we often forget to praise those that are there for you when you need some help. I have spent the better part of this past week doing my pre-new-niche blog setup groundwork: checking out sites, finding the sponsor site (if there was one), listing who was under what type of billing system and their respective payout structures, promo tools and so on.

One of the sponsors I elected to add to my que is FemCash, as I want to promote their gorgeous artsy nude website: FEMJOY. By Thursday I was well along in my signing up and grabbing my links and banners, and whatever other goodies I could find, when I realized the link code for FEMJOY’s Latest Video Plugin wasn’t carrying my ID through properly. (it’s a wonderful plugin btw!) So I wrote an email and asked how I should put in my ID code. I had an answer back within an hour or two, with an answer on what I needed to do, and Max asked if I had signed in before copying out my codes. (For some reason you can see the linking code without signing in – but they don’t have your ID in them).

I thought I had, but evidently I hadn’t … and that simple question had me running back to make sure I had indeed saved the links correctly. After a bit of time had passed I realized I couldn’t make sense of their RSS feed link (seems I had to have a higher level of access), so I again wrote them, and Max was again quick to respond and help resolve the problem. So Kudos to FemCash for being so prompt with their webmaster support! Now all they need is to add a webmaster referral link I can use on all my Adult Resource sites and I’ll be really happy!

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