CCBill To No Longer Process for File Locker Sites

Written by Bec on June 15, 2012 – 4:19 PM -

Now this is some great news! Many of the file lockers have been allowing uploads of not only trademarked videos, but illegal content videos, and it is obvious the task of moderating and removing questionable content is above and beyond the site owners. Bravo to all at CCBill for taking a stand!

To our friends and colleagues:

Effective immediately, CCBill has discontinued processing for all file locker websites. While CCBill continues to back the business models of our client base without bias, it has been made aware of multiple instances involving content residing on various client websites which violate our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Due to the sensitivity of the matter, CCBill conducted an exhaustive internal investigation with the goal of determining the validity of claims concerning the breach of our AUP. Following the investigation, CCBill decided it can no longer provide transaction services to businesses operating a file locker model.

From inception, CCBill relied on the ability of file locker websites to actively monitor incoming uploads from external sources and immediately remove any illicit files thereafter identified. It has become clear that such a task is both difficult for website operators to accomplish and nearly impossible for CCBill to verify.

CCBill would like to thank those individuals who have provided examples of content existing on file locker websites which is in violation of our AUP. We are all part of this community and we believe it is our collective responsibility to maintain core values and ethics within the adult marketplace. CCBill has, and always will maintain its high standards in dealing with copyright infringement, illegal content and all aspects of our AUP.

CCBill holds client privacy in the highest regard, and under no circumstance will we discuss specific details related to any previous or current client relationship. We respectfully ask for consideration of these policies, and thus please do not ask us to betray this trust.

Gary Jackson
Managing VP

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Trying To Keep Up Just To Keep Up – Harlan Yaffe

Written by Bec on November 14, 2011 – 7:00 AM -

Trying to Keep Up Just to Keep Up


“We are smut peddlers: that is what we do. But just because our business is the business of fucking, why did we have to develop and cling to such a fucked up business model where the companies that put up the money to produce our product are the very last one to enjoy and profit from it?”


In a recent article on Xbiz, Trying to Keep Up Just to Keep Up, written by Harlan Yaffe of Pridebucks, brings up a topic that many paysite owners need to take to heart. And that’s the continued offering by programs of the PPS (pay per share) as a pay out option to the affiliates.


Harlan continues: “Even those who cash the checks have to wonder how a company can offer a three digit payout on a $40 membership and survive to do it again the next month. We all know that answer too: many of them could not and have disappeared, others have been bought up and rest are hanging on a tenuous thread.More than ever, it is time for programs to get back to basics and make sure they have their bases covered.”


Harlan’s article is both timely, and a must read. >>Click Here for the rest of the article

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3rd Party 2257 Management Solution Announced

Written by Bec on June 9, 2009 – 3:19 PM -

June 8th, 2009- Woodland Hills, CA

Third party custodian of records service, is now open for business. Recent changes to 18 USC 2257 and 28 CFR 75 now permit third party record keeping of your 2257 records. claims to have the best web based, record keeping solution. One of the benefits of is anonymity. Your personal address information, or office location, can be shielded from being publicly displayed on your website. provides you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your 2257 records are safe, secure and organized. was designed to take the inherent hassle out of 2257 record keeping so you can focus your time on more important matters such as growing your business. was designed for the needs of the small to medium size primary and secondary producers with affordable membership plans to fit the budget of anyone required to store and maintain 2257 records. The company was conceived and designed by a team of individuals who are extremely familiar with the requirements of 18 USC 2257 and 28 CFR 75. The team behind consists of adult industry attorney, Michael Fattorosi, YTracker software developer, Dan Underhill, and adult industry insider, Kevin Blatt. Together they are uniquely qualified to understand your needs in maintaining proper records.

” We have been designing and testing this system for more than six months, as many companies who beta tested this product can attest, we have developed the best web based solution for third party record keeping.” Blatt also goes on to say, ” All United States based adult companies need to keep their records current under 18 USC 2257, and we have developed a web-enabled system that everyone can use to manage their own records that is very user friendly and simple to learn”.

Dan Underhill introduced YTracker in 2005 as a desktop 2257 record keeping application and it was greeted with great enthusiasm. Since its release our user base has been wanting to see the functionality that we have achieved with 2257Safe, but at the time 3rd party record keeping was not an option which limited what we could do with the program. According to Dan he is “absolutely thrilled to have the chance to the take all of the field-tested features of YTracker and use it as the basis for a completely brand new, web-enabled application that goes where YTracker could not before. YTracker is still a great tool for those not needing 3rd party help, but 2257Safe’s Application has taken the process of convenient record keeping to a whole new level.”’s premium services are available to all clients large or small. You only pay for the hosting space required to store your records, not the number of records in your database.’s automatic file compression functionality provides greater than 90% in file space savings from the original files that you upload. Since high quality, consumer-ready files are not needed for the sake of your records we can make sure you are only storing only the quality that is needed. The system is hosted on PCI-DSS Servers. PCI-DSS compliance is the gold standard among security-based data storage.’s servers are PCI-DSS compliant and that translates into safety and security for your records.’s plans start as low as $9.99 a month for a gigabyte of storage.

For more information on pricing, plans or licensing, please email

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A Word to the Wise: Back It Up!

Written by Bec on January 4, 2009 – 4:30 PM -

Fast on the heels of the Thumblogger server hack comes this news from GayBucks Chip about another big mainstream blogging host service with server failure:

“Just read about Journalspace on Slashdot and thought it might be a word to the wise for folks here., a free blogging site, had some 14,000 bloggers.  Last week, they had a drive failure in their database server. They were using RAID 1 (drive mirroring) as their sole means of backup, meaning they had their server set so that anything written to one drive was mirrored to another; this theoretically allows you, in the event of a drive crash, to simply replace the bad drive and everything’s fine because the data is mirrored.

Many ISPs do this and some tell their customers that it eliminates the need for individual backups.

Unfortunately, Journalspace just discovered that the problem wasn’t that the drives failed, but that the data was overwritten and is completely unrecoverable. Someone or some thing caused all the data to be overwritten, and of course, since the drives were mirrored, the backup (mirror) was overwritten as well.

In other words, their entire business, and some 6 years worth of some 14,000 bloggers entries, are gone. They are simply giving up and closing down.

This should serve as a sobering reminder to double, triple, and quadruple check on your backup arrangements.

I recommend that people not trust their ISPs and make a copy of their own backups, at least several times a year, of all their sites, MySQL databases, HTML, etc. No matter whom your ISP is, I think it’s a wise move to keep copies of your sites, MySQL databases, etc somewhere other than in your ISP’s data center… download it to your local computer, copy it across to a server in somebody else’s data center, whatever it takes.

If you rely on an IT guru (as Journalspace did) to handle your backup arrangements, I also recommend that you ask somebody else to check it out, see what’s going on, and make sure that you have a bulletproof solution.

I also believe (even though NatNet tells me it’s “old school” and obsolete) in keeping archival tape backups, since tapes of the right type (SDLT or LTO) are considered more stable and reliable than hard drives, and are the storage medium that the Library of Congress uses to archive crucial media.

The owner of Journalspace realizes that it’s his own fault for not double-checking his IT guy’s decisions, so I’m posting this in hopes that people might take steps to ensure that their backup procedures are secure to prevent something like this from happening.”

That’s excellent advice Chip, here’s hoping others double check what is in place for their server backup system and actually take steps to prevent this from happening to them.

Followup:  This is posted on Journalspace:

The domain name is for sale on eBay.

We have six months to go on our hosting contract, so we’re selling the and domains to cover our costs until our contract runs out. 15% of the sale price will be donated to the Susan G. Komen For The Cure charity.

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Thumblogger Server Hacked

Written by Bec on December 28, 2008 – 7:00 PM -

I personally don’t happen to have any blogs on Thumblogger, but I do have some on the Sexusblogs and Sensual Writer, and I’m just in shock to learn that the Thumblogger server located in Dallas, Texas got hacked and all the data erased.

Posted on Dec.24, 2008 to the is this announcement from Twan:

“Yesterday we had a hacker on the thumblogger and backup server, who deleted all files. Yesterday afternoon I managed to get a new server online and recovered data from a old backup, to get the older blogs online again. Today i made the thumblogger control panel functional again.

The hacked harddisk of the backup server is currently flying from Dallas to The Netherlands as this is written. When it arrives a specialized company will try to recover the deleted data. Hopefully this will result in a more recent backup which i can then restore.

Today i’m going to try to get everything running smoothly again.”

As of today, it looks like they have only been able to restore posts/accounts up to about July 2008. I didn’t see any follow up posts from Twan as yet, so I can only assume he’s waiting on the drive or for the recovery team to perform a miracle.  There seems to be a bunch of domain name grabbing going on, which is sad that others feel the need to exploit an already dreadful situation. There are some webmasters who are loosing a very high percentage of their income while this is sorted out.

For myself, I’m going to be looking into ways of backing up those remote hosted blogs of mine, and be very glad that I have used several free adult blog host accounts and not put all of mine on one domain. A reminder to anyone wanting to spread their eggs around a bit more, check out the right column of this blog for a listing of free adult blog hosts you can use.

I do hope Twan can get those sites back up, I admire all that he has done and certainly grateful to be using some of his sites and tools. I’ll try to post an update when more news is available.

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AEBN and Naked Sword Affiliate Programs Merge

Written by Bec on July 10, 2008 – 4:30 PM -

After many long, painstaking trial runs, NakedSword is ready to announce the merger of the NakedSword and AEBN affiliate programs. NakedDollars will be closing, but all of your tools will be available on This might sound like a lot, and it is, but they are ready for your questions and are waiting with answers. will officially take over as the new main portal for NakedSword Promotion on Monday, June 30th. That means that after the 30th, you can expect one check from AEBN. You will also have more options for payment with They offer both flat payouts and rev share, so you can choose. It’s a great incentive to keep doing the great job you have already begun.

The merger between AEBN and NakedSword took place in January, 2007 and part of what they’ve been working on is the unification of the affiliate programs. They spent the past 18 months getting everything in place for this transition, and are expecting it to go off without a hitch. However, on the off chance that something should go awry, they have your back. Just email Albert Jones (, their fabulous marketing director at, and he will be happy to help you.

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Adult Film Industry Challenged by Sites Offering Free Porn

Written by Bec on January 16, 2008 – 6:00 AM -

Given how much of the “free porn” that’s available is actually distributed by the sponsor sites themselves, and that the main traffic resources crafted and used to drive surfers to the paysite doorway are some sort of “free site”, I found the following article about how the Adult Film Industry is feeling challenged (translation: threatened) by all the sites offering free porn of extreme interest.

On one hand, we, as adult webmasters, use the free porn to create the desire for more pics and videos which hopefully translates into making a sale, but have we reached a point where there’s so much free porn out there that it’s making it harder and harder to find the surfer who’s willing to pull out the wallet to entertain his cock??

And then there are the surfers that feel its OK to download the contents of a paysite and then freely distribute it on torrent like sites, how does the Industry as a whole fight that drain to the pocket book? Most surfers don’t realize that it can (and does) cost thousands of dollars to produce one porn movie.  I could go on and on here, but I’ll stop for now and let you read what others have to say on the matter.

By Reuters
Fri Jan 11 13:24:19 PST 2008

After years of booming sales supported by videotapes, DVDs, and the Internet, the adult film industry is being challenged by easy video-sharing Web sites offering explicit content for free.

“We’re dealing with rampant piracy, tons of free content,” said Steven Hirsch, co-founder of privately held Vivid, among the best-known studios making sex films.

Vivid once earned 80 percent of its roughly $100 million a year from DVD sales, but last year that fell to 30 percent, Hirsch said in an interview.

The Internet challenge, a topic of discussion at the biggest adult film expo of the year in Las Vegas this week, has already presented itself to the music industry and other mainstream entertainment.

Much of the Internet competition for the U.S. porn world, largely based in Southern California, comes from Web sites like Toronto-based, whose format is modeled after Google’s YouTube.

Some of the videos on the XTube site come from commercial studios while others are posted by amateurs.

“We’re not pirates. We are providing a service that people think they can use to pirate,” said Lance Cassidy, one of XTube’s founders.

The XTube model
The Web site has 200,000 free videos, typically 30 seconds to two minutes long, and about 1 percent of visitors buy DVDs or video streams, resulting in millions of dollars of annual revenue, sales director Curtis Potec said. About two thirds of XTube’s viewers are gay, Potec said.

“We’ve had tons and tons of people tell us this is the future of the adult industry,” Potec said. “Most of the money is ads, on any site, mainstream or adult.”

Scott Coffman, president of Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network (AEBN) in North Carolina, says his company started a YouTube-type site a year-and-a-half ago to generate revenue through advertising and drive traffic to pay-per-minute sites.

Read the rest of the Article >>>

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2008 AVN Awards Winners Announced

Written by Bec on January 15, 2008 – 3:19 AM -

2008 AVN Awards Winners Announced

And the winners are…

By Jared Rutter

Posted: 11:30 PM PST Jan 12, 2008 on

LAS VEGAS – Adult Video News staged its 25th anniversary awards show last night at the Mandalay Bay Events Center with a maximum of good feeling and an absence of the self-congratulatory hype that might be expected to accompany such a milestone.

The show was swiftly paced and simply designed, with plenty of cable-TV-friendly movie clips, due perhaps to the fact that it will air on the Showtime network, “another giant step” for the awards, as co-host Tera Patrick pointed out.

The big winners were two heavily nominated features, the film Layout (Vivid) and the video Upload (Sex Z Pictures). Each won eight awards. Evil Angel, as it has so often in the past, walked away with the giant’s share of the prizes, 18 in all.

Read the Article >>>

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