EasyXSites: Unlimited Free Adult Blog and Tube Hosting

Written by Bec on August 8, 2014 – 3:53 PM -

Already being used by more than 4,000 adult webmasters to earn easy money, the easyXsites blog platform is now being expanded to include an all new state of the art tube script that allows any affiliate to have tube sites up and running in under a minute! Customize them any way you like with their integrated layout and styles editor, use your own domains or create free hosted sub domains and see for yourself why more than 300 new tube sites were created during its first 23 hours of operation!

Content can be automatically morphed by their spinner or webmasters can create their own custom titles and descriptions. An upcoming sponsor video module will also allow each webmaster to choose their own set of sponsor paysites to promote with their own affiliate codes attached to it.

When easyXsites says it is free, that means absolutely free. No cost for the service, zero traffic skim, show your own advertisements and earn your own money. If you choose the sub-domain option, you don’t even need a domain name or hosting plan and if you own your own domain you can simply point it to their name servers.

Free Adult Blog & Tube Hosting

Free Adult Blog & Tube Hosting

Anyone with a free account on their platform can create fully responsive tube sites that benefit from PlugRush integration, video imports directly from the major tubes including RedTube, Tube 8, PornHub, Xvideos & YouPorn and customization methods that keep your domains unique enough to rank for key terms in the search engines.

Affiliates and webmasters interested in having productive tubes on their dormant domains or seeking a quality free hosted affiliate solution are encouraged to visit the easyXsites website to get started.

Affiliate programs interested in having their promotion tools (.mp4 videos are in high demand!) available to webmasters on easyXsites should contact: markul@easyXsites.com

Reading this post took you longer than it will take for you to create your first tube site, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get busy making money!

Data taken from an orginal post on the GFY Forum

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Passive Income: Old Pages Never Die

Written by Bec on January 23, 2012 – 6:29 AM -

Cozy FrogThere’s a writer over on Cozy Frog that has been writing some amazing articles and tutorials for Adult Entertainment Webmasters for I don’t even know how many years, but they’re packed with good info and basic how-to wisdom that any webmaster can reap the benefits from by just giving them a read.

Her name is Titmowse, and below is just an excerpt from a not to long ago article that talks about old pages, and the benefits of just leaving them alone. The article goes hand in hand with some advice I received from one of my first Porn Industry bosses: “Learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward. Don’t waste my time, or yours, going backwards to “fix” stuff”. This of course meant don’t waste time rebuilding a freesite or perhaps a gallery, an AVS site, or a banner design. Just do it right the next time!

In that same vein of thought Titmowse reminds us that it is indeed appropriate to leave old pages where they lie … because inevitably, you’ll see passive revenue arrive on your doorstep in the form of a check in the mail from that sponsor. So just what is passive revenue? Titmowse explains:

Ultimately, most sponsor revenue is passive. When a surfer signs up under your affiliate ID, it’s not like you were physically in their house, closing the sale. Passive sales are the very nature of the affiliate/sponsor model. You create a mini free site and submit it to a top list. You build a gallery of video clips and get it listed on various MGPs. You post a blog entry that lives on via permalinks and a serendipitous use of keywords and subject matter. Weeks (or even months) later that old bit of marketing renders a return. You make sales when you aren’t actively trying. This is passive income. This is the magic promise of the Internet – making money while you sleep.

There’s also passive income to be made from recurring memberships or webmaster signup programs. Out of those ten or twenty signups you got from that awesome TGP listing last year, one or two members continue to pay for their accounts and you reap the benefits because you chose a recurring payout program from that particular sponsor. That barely-coded webmaster referral page you made and linked to at the bottom of some ancient free site is suddenly showing up in search engines and garnering you some green. You don’t question it. You probably have no idea why it’s happening, but it’s happening and you now realize the wisdom behind that adult webmaster saying: Build it and forget it.

Read the full article >>>

By Titmowse | Writer @ CozyFrog
Titmowse has a special lily pad as the head writer for CozyFrog and it’s family of webmaster resources. She also writes text content for several websites and is the owner of her very own MowseBytes Newsletter.

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Talk Like a Pirater in Posts

Written by Bec on January 9, 2012 – 7:03 AM -

GayWideWebmasters.comFrom Gay Wide Webmasters comes this excellent piece of advice from forum member PFLJayden regarding how to “talk” about your content set in a blog post or social site post.


“When you post, make the posts look and sound as if you – a person – wrote them… as in you are hot and heavy over this guy or these guys. Think of yourself I guess as a pirater would. They share their porn because they like it, not because they profit from it. You have to use that mind set. If you do that, you’ll do well.”

This is definitely an excellent way to take your reader to the sexual excitement level and move the reader to wanting to see more, and ideally, purchasing a site membership!


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Script Pulse Users Need to Update

Written by Bec on January 6, 2012 – 5:57 PM -

Script PulseImportant Upgrade to Trade Pulse

Due to an external problem the guys can’t fix there is a file in Script Pulse’s Trade Pulse script that, if you don’t have the very newest installation, you’ll need to do a manual “fix” to the code.

All users must update ASAP their scripts by doing the following:
1) Download this file
2) Extract and upload file to “tp” folder
3) Run updater in your script or run file directly calling url http://www.yoursite.com/tp/tpupdater.php

New installations are not affected since the new installer from new location is already out.

If there are any issues please contact info@scriptpulse.com or kildoozer@scriptpulse.com (kildoozer). If you are in need of assistance they will even do update for you just send them ftp and tp logins.

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How To Use Twitter For Business

Written by Bec on November 22, 2011 – 7:00 AM -

Here are some tips from Luke over on GayWideWebmasters on How to use Twitter for Business

1. Get to know the twitter language.
Take the time to read other posts and to see the language that is being used on the site. Here are a couple of things you should know before starting on twitter:
tweets – the name used for twitter posts
#word – use the # sign in front of a word to “tag” a word for tracking topics or events
@name – use the @ sign in front of a name to address a tweet to a specific user or to mention that user

2. Post daily tweets.
Make sure you post at least once a day to keep your followers interested in you.

3. Don’t spam, don’t post all day long.
Spamming will get you a bad rep fast, as does posting all day long (who has time to follow so many updates!) Keep your tweets meaningful and valuable.

4. Post your own links.
Your followers are interested in what you are doing, so every once in a while, why not give them your links and let them see for themselves.

5. Engage in conversations.
Engaging in others conversations and starting your own interesting conversations will get you a lot further than simply posting one-liners with no real lead to anything else.

6. Monitor what others are saying about you.
Search for @mentions and respond to all direct messages, even if its negative messages to you.

7. Use twitter partner services.
Use services like TwitPic, TwitVid, Yfrog, etc to post pictures or videos. This can help you stand out as well as help your branding.

8. Create lists.
List can be fun, interesting or just plain crazy! Creating lists that are relative to your product will help you build your community of followers.

9. Have fun.
Don’t forget, Twitter was started to be a fun tool, so don’t be so serious and have a bit of fun too!

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Trying To Keep Up Just To Keep Up – Harlan Yaffe

Written by Bec on November 14, 2011 – 7:00 AM -

Trying to Keep Up Just to Keep Up


“We are smut peddlers: that is what we do. But just because our business is the business of fucking, why did we have to develop and cling to such a fucked up business model where the companies that put up the money to produce our product are the very last one to enjoy and profit from it?”


In a recent article on Xbiz, Trying to Keep Up Just to Keep Up, written by Harlan Yaffe of Pridebucks, brings up a topic that many paysite owners need to take to heart. And that’s the continued offering by programs of the PPS (pay per share) as a pay out option to the affiliates.


Harlan continues: “Even those who cash the checks have to wonder how a company can offer a three digit payout on a $40 membership and survive to do it again the next month. We all know that answer too: many of them could not and have disappeared, others have been bought up and rest are hanging on a tenuous thread.More than ever, it is time for programs to get back to basics and make sure they have their bases covered.”


Harlan’s article is both timely, and a must read. >>Click Here for the rest of the article

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Ten Mistakes That Reduce Your Profits

Written by Bec on November 8, 2011 – 7:00 AM -

This article was posted on GayWideWebmasters in 2007, and every mistake listed is still pertinent today, so I asked about reprinting the tutorial and got a thumbsup to do so!

Ten Mistakes That Reduce Your Profits by Rach

In my professional experience as a sales and marketing consultant, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of small business owners on various issues related to sales and marketing. The owners who are struggling to keep their businesses afloat tend to engage in some, or all, of the following mistakes that reduce profitability.

Mistake #1: They fail to market or market inconsistently. Once you have committed to owning and running a business you must be equally committed to marketing and selling the products and services of that business. It is difficult, if not impossible, to stay and remain profitable without a commitment to ongoing concerted marketing.

Solution: Market all the time, every time.

Mistake #2: They hesitate to ask for the sale. Rather than seeming pushy or obnoxious they let profit-producing opportunities pass them by. They worry more about what someone thinks of them than they do about bringing more money into their business. If you find it difficult to ask for the sale, you can be sure that you’re not bringing in as much money as you could be.

Solution: Practice asking for the sale.

Mistake #3: They don’t ask for help or assistance in the aspects of the business where they most need it. Most business owners possess strengths in a particular area but whether by necessity or ignorance they often end up working in areas that arent part of their strengths. When business is not going as it should they delay or procrastinate in asking for help. Each day that goes by with your business running at less than maximum efficiency means dollars lost from your pocket.

Solution: Get expert advice from an attorney, accountant, or other service professional before you really need it.

Mistake #4: They don’t follow up with past customers. It is usually much easier to reactivate a former customer than it is to attract a new one. If you are not following up with past customers on a regular basis you are reducing your profitability potential.

Solution: Develop and implement a regular method for customer follow up.

Mistake #5: They don’t take regular stock of their expenses. Savvy business owners regularly appraise their business expenses and find ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality. If you havent completed a cost analysis lately, you might be paying more than you need to be, which will reduce your profitability.

Solution: At least once per quarter review expenses and negotiate for adjustments as appropriate.

Mistake #6: They spend large amounts on glossy, slick marketing materials and expect business to pour in without any additional effort. Glossy brochures and slick marketing materials are a nice addition to more active forms of marketing such as meeting people, calling people and speaking to people. Brochures and business cards, no matter how beautiful, do not replace direct contact. If you are spending money on flashy marketing materials rather than marketing directly you will be less profitable than you could be.

Solution: Take those glossy brochures and hand them out directly to people at the next possible opportunity.

Mistake #7: They spend a significant amount of time in low-return activities (as measured by dollars and personal satisfaction). If you are spending the majority of your day completing tasks which are administrative in nature and/or which can be easily completed by other people you are reducing your profitability.

Solution: Track your time and figure out how much you’re making per hour. Hire an assistant if you are spending the bulk of your time in administrative work.

Mistake #8: They charge less than they desire. This challenge seems to arise especially for consultants, coaches and solo entrepreneurs who sell services. It is often tempting to accept less money than you need – so you get some money rather than no money. After time, working for too little can leave you exhausted and resentful and it takes a deep cut out of your profitability.

Solution: Commit that, at the next opportunity, you will ask for full fee. And then do it.

Mistake #9: They make infrequent or no use of technology which could save them time and effort. As a business owner, you have a fixed amount of time and energy within which you must maximize your profits. Technology can help you do this in the form of autoresponders, voicemail, wireless internet connections, speech recognition software and the like. All of these tools are designed to save you time and effort. If you are not making consistent use of technology in your business you are likely not as profitable as you could be.

Solution: Look for ways that you can make your business processes more efficient by using inexpensive technology.

Mistake #10: They adhere to outdated business models or plans. If you do not stay up with the trends in your business you will notice a steady decline in your profitability.

Solution: Attend meetings and conferences that will keep you on target with your market. Implement new means of doing business and update your business plan at least every couple of years.

If you are serious about improving your business profitability, start by implementing the suggested solutions to these ten common mistakes. Together, these solutions will help you make more money and have more fun in your business. Try them and see.


For myself I was surprised to see just how many of those mistakes I was already taking steps to correct, especially #7 through #10, without ever having read the article!

#7 for me has more to do with my having to do everything. Implementing new site and project ideas, the planning, figuring out the expenses involved, what new script do I need to learn to use, and so on. Doing all the grunt work behind every marketing venture is a tough way to go for the solo webmaster. Anyone who thinks this is a cushy 3-4 hour a day job isn’t really “in the biz”! I often put in 10 and 12 hour days, and weekends are just another day to work on something that needs doing if I’m going to make enough money to pay the bills.

My solution to the profit/time dilemma was to take a hard look at what I was doing on a daily basis and figure out what things I could achieve faster with some sort of script. Next was to look at the profits of said activity. If tgp submissions were taking a nose dive, then I’d best get some Tube sites onto the to do list, and high on the list at that! I’ve also forced myself to get away from the computer for a few hours each day, and to also plan on special full day excursions. I find this brings me back to work feeling refreshed and energized.

The #8: Asking for a fair amount for work received was a long time in happening, and it did require me accepting that yes, I AM worth the fees I am asking to be paid!

With #9:  Making infrequent use of technology to save time and energy. Buying and learning to use the voice recognition software so as to reduce the time I spend in typing out blog posts, directory listings, etc. is my most current profit “fix”. I took advantage of a nice sale/rebate* combo offer at Tiger Direct for the software and will be learning how to use it over the next week or so.

*rebate offer good through Dec 31,2011.

For #10: I’ve always been a big fan of automation, and any program or script I can learn to use to save myself some time is high on my “to do” list! Currently I am making use of scripts like TubeX, Ninja Affiliate, Blogs Organizer,  WordPress blogs and RSS feeds, and buying and using specialty WordPress themes to quickly build review, tube, paysite or directory websites.

I did stay abreast of new marketing techniques as others were becoming outdated and less profitable just by being active on the forums. Most webmasters are quick to give you a heads up if you take the time to participate and ask questions on the boards. Even so there were some things I should of seen and adjusted for a lot earlier than I did.

Overall though, if you tackle this list you’ll quickly discover that the solutions you come up with often address more than one of the “profit mistakes”.  What that  means is that a good plan of action will result in a quick recovery of your financial health.

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Chargeback Collections Service for Adult Paysites

Written by Bec on June 7, 2011 – 7:39 AM -

CRB Adult is the only collection company that specializes in adult industry chargebacks. If you own paysites, then this has to be one of the easiest ways to get money! Simply give them a dump of your chargebacks and they do all the work for you. And as a special offer to GWW members, the first 50 new customers who sign up with CRB Adult will receive 100% of all dollars collected during the first month of collections on their chargebacks and check returns. So you can try CRB Adult with no risk whatsoever.

Further details here:

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