Any Gabfire Theme 50% Off For Holidays

Written by Bec on December 22, 2014 – 6:25 PM -

gabfire-200x125 To provide the Gabfire Themes community something to celebrate, their Christmas promotion is now officially available. This holiday sale will let you choose 1 or more themes for your website at a huge discount so don’t miss the opportunity to pick up any of their themes at 50% off.

Coupon Code: NEWYEAR

To Redeem This Offer:
1. Visit the Theme Shop at Gabfire
2. Add one or more theme(s) to your cart
3. Enter promo code NEWYEAR at checkout and receive 50% off your entire order.

This offer is only valid until 11:59pm UTC on Jan 2, 2015. They won’t have any similar offers for quite sometime, so I suggest that you don’t miss this opportunity to stock up on some premium WordPress themes.

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Create Adult Digital Download Sites

Written by Bec on August 30, 2014 – 11:15 AM -

Digital Downloads Theme

Digital Downloads Theme

From PremiumPress has a new theme that’s perfect for digital downloads. Premium Digital Downloads WordPress Theme lets you create digital download websites in minutes!

This theme is ideal for creating an adult video download site, for profit. This would be similar to sites like Clips4Sale or AEBN where they actually purchase and immediately download the DVD or movie file. You can also use it for music sharing, documents, software, photo zip files, etc.

This Digital Download Theme lets you upload or link to files which visitors can then download. There are three main download system setups you can use with this Digital Download Theme: download after payment, downloaded for free and download after ‘sharing’.

All Premium Press Themes come with the PSD design files, free theme updates, 24/7 customer support and open source code so you can modify the theme in any manner you wish. Your license also lets you build unlimited sites.

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EasyXSites: Unlimited Free Adult Blog and Tube Hosting

Written by Bec on August 8, 2014 – 3:53 PM -

Already being used by more than 4,000 adult webmasters to earn easy money, the easyXsites blog platform is now being expanded to include an all new state of the art tube script that allows any affiliate to have tube sites up and running in under a minute! Customize them any way you like with their integrated layout and styles editor, use your own domains or create free hosted sub domains and see for yourself why more than 300 new tube sites were created during its first 23 hours of operation!

Content can be automatically morphed by their spinner or webmasters can create their own custom titles and descriptions. An upcoming sponsor video module will also allow each webmaster to choose their own set of sponsor paysites to promote with their own affiliate codes attached to it.

When easyXsites says it is free, that means absolutely free. No cost for the service, zero traffic skim, show your own advertisements and earn your own money. If you choose the sub-domain option, you don’t even need a domain name or hosting plan and if you own your own domain you can simply point it to their name servers.

Free Adult Blog & Tube Hosting

Free Adult Blog & Tube Hosting

Anyone with a free account on their platform can create fully responsive tube sites that benefit from PlugRush integration, video imports directly from the major tubes including RedTube, Tube 8, PornHub, Xvideos & YouPorn and customization methods that keep your domains unique enough to rank for key terms in the search engines.

Affiliates and webmasters interested in having productive tubes on their dormant domains or seeking a quality free hosted affiliate solution are encouraged to visit the easyXsites website to get started.

Affiliate programs interested in having their promotion tools (.mp4 videos are in high demand!) available to webmasters on easyXsites should contact:

Reading this post took you longer than it will take for you to create your first tube site, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get busy making money!

Data taken from an orginal post on the GFY Forum

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Don’t Use WordPress Website For Mature Content

Written by Bec on May 12, 2014 – 11:10 AM -

stopsign-200x200If you are considering using the actual site to create your adult blog, even though they say they are permitted…. don’t do it. Get some Adult OK hosting and then download and install the WordPress software to create your adult blogs.

I was just reading their TOS for Mature Content and the first three restrictions imposed will make it near impossible to actually build a blog with an account on their website that can produce any sort of income for you.

…there are limitations to the mature content permitted on our service. Please don’t:

1. Post explicit sexual materials that can be considered pornographic, such as explicit images or video of sexual acts or close-up images of genitalia;

2. Post links or banner ads to adult-oriented affiliate networks, such as pornography site signups;

3. Post links, text, or images promoting or advertising escort or erotic services;

Blogs found to be hosting the above material will be suspended.

Besides those restrictions they also state that:

A blog that is marked as Mature is excluded from public areas of the service. This means:

1. It is not eligible to be featured in Freshly Pressed on the front page of
2. It will not appear in global tag listings
3. It will not appear in Top Blogs listings, recent posts, or related posts listings on other blogs
4. The blog’s users cannot use that URL as a link in their Forums profile

For these reasons you should opt for purchasing “adult OK” hosting to install the WordPress CMS software, buying a domain name from a registrar and then setting up an Adult blog that lets you post the pics, videos and links that you’ll need to make it a profitable one.

If you really are short on cash, or just want to find out if the Adult blog is a good fit for you, then try one of the Adult Free Hosts before investing in web hosting and domain names.

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Website Security With Clonebox and Strongbox

Written by Bec on March 29, 2014 – 12:59 PM -

Remote Automatic Backups With CloneboxHave you setup Clonebox by BetterCGI yet? If you are an affiliate webmaster and/or a paysite owner then you should look at having a remote backup of your sites. The Clonebox team does multiple backups of everything on your server, so let’s imagine your physical host server location goes down, burns down, washes away in a tsunami, or you’re hit by a hacker and your daily backup was made by your host two minutes AFTER you got hit … with Clonebox you’re still online and doing business! The price for this kind of security and disaster prevention is priceless, yet very affordable with Clonebox.

Clonebox: Automatic Backups for your Servers and Websites

Automatic: It copies your data while you sleep
Efficient: It copies just the changed data incrementally saving bandwith
Smart: It monitors your site and notifies you in case something bad happens
Flexible: Choose between Full Server Clone and Data-only backup
Affordable: Check out their low price backup plans

Stolen Password and Password Sharing Protection Also be sure to checkout the Strongbox security system from It protects your web business from stolen passwords, password sharing, brute force attacks, and site rippers who post stolen copies of your site.

Strongbox is pro-active in protecting your website properties. Each day, the BetterCGI group spider analyzes all known password sites, retrieving tens of thousands of compromised passwords. As a subscriber to their proactive spider service, your system will be notified immediately when one of your passwords is posted on a password site.

The Strongbox security system will then disable that password even before anyone is able to use it to access your site. You can also have the Strongbox system email you to let you know which username was found posted on which password sites.

What others have to say:

About Strongbox. Get it. It’s one of your best investments. You’ll earn back the costs within a day if you are a small-medium (paysite owner).- Michael @ Femjoy/Joymii

From ShowMe69 – have used strongbox for 6yrs+ and nothing else out there compares…period!!!

Click Here to learn more about how these two Better CGI products can provide peace of mind with their top notch security systems.

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Smart Tube Pro Is Now Available For Free

Written by Bec on December 13, 2013 – 6:30 AM -

Smart Tube Pro 1.16.

Many people had problems setting up Smart Tube Pro due to PHP-FFMPEG issues, so they did some major tweaks that completely eliminates the need of PHP-FFMPEG and installing Smart Tube Pro is now extremely easy.

Smart Tube Pro now fully supports PHP 5.4 and they drastically reduced the amount of mandatory templates to edit, no more editing 120+ templates to have your tube skinned! The number of templates to edit depends on the type of site you are running, for a simple circle jerk style tube there are only two templates to edit!

NO MORE insane design costs… it’s a thing of the past! And to encourage former and new users to try out Smart Tube Pro they are offering unlimited copies of the tube software for free! The free version is exactly the same as the commercial version, but they just take 1.5% of your video/galleries impressions. Once you feel you’re making good money with tubes you can purchase a license and remove their skim. No features are locked in the free version so you will be able to enjoy a full featured copy of Smart Tube Pro.

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Script Pulse Users Need to Update

Written by Bec on January 6, 2012 – 5:57 PM -

Script PulseImportant Upgrade to Trade Pulse

Due to an external problem the guys can’t fix there is a file in Script Pulse’s Trade Pulse script that, if you don’t have the very newest installation, you’ll need to do a manual “fix” to the code.

All users must update ASAP their scripts by doing the following:
1) Download this file
2) Extract and upload file to “tp” folder
3) Run updater in your script or run file directly calling url

New installations are not affected since the new installer from new location is already out.

If there are any issues please contact or (kildoozer). If you are in need of assistance they will even do update for you just send them ftp and tp logins.

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Any Premium Press Theme For Only $50

Written by Bec on November 11, 2011 – 8:00 AM -


Have you been wanting a Premium Press theme to instantly create a specialized website using the WordPress CMS format, but just couldn’t swing a couple hundred bucks? Well now is your chance to grab some of these amazing themes at the unbelievable price of just $50!

Instantly create a Directory, Classifieds, Coupon, Realtor, Auction, or Shopping Cart website using the Premium Press themes. Check out just some of the features included with these themes:

All Premium Press themes come open source and packed with lots of easy to turn on/off theme options.

Themes support over 5,000 extra plugin’s and widgets provided for WordPress.

All themes are tested for security and support hundreds of extra security Plugins for WordPress

All Premium Press themes come with easy installation instructions and reset options for quick setup and configuration.

  • Unlimited Website Installations so you can setup 1 or 100 website’s without paying a penny more!
  • Instant theme downloads so you can get started right away after your purchase is completed.
  • Free theme upgrades for life so you can stay up-to date with the latest changes.
  • Free theme support for life giving you peace of mind that if things go wrong, were here to help you out.
  • Community forum access so you can get involved with discussions and community topics.
  • Access to our video tutorials and manuals so you can learn at your own pace.
  • Personal logins to our VIP client area so you can come back and download themes and updates anytime you like.
  • Monthly email updates so you are kept updated with the latest software news.

Now is the time to take advantage of the unbelievable price savings on these themes! Just use the promo code: FIREWORKS when you checkout to get this special discount. BUT HURRY! This fantastic deal ends December 1, 2011!

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