120 Free Premium WordPress Themes

Written by Bec on December 4, 2014 – 8:48 PM -

Talk about ending the year with an awesome “gift” for us WordPress users, the good folks over at WPMU Devlopment have put together an awesome collection of not 10, not 50, but 120 Premium WordPress Themes that you can download for free. Yep, you read that right … for FREE!

Once you are on the WPMUDEV site check out their post under Blog for Dec.4, 2014 for a snapshot image, theme description and links to demo the themes. Now’s a perfect time to find some fresh new themes to brighten up your sites and replace some old outdated themes that aren’t a responsive* design. And don’t forget to grab a few to start those new site projects for the coming year.

*Responsive designs will have your site looking perfect regardless of which electronic media a surfer uses to view it in. You’ll be looking great on a PC, Smart Phone, Ipad, and other similar devices.

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Custom Sidebars Plugin Now Available

Written by Bec on May 6, 2014 – 11:47 AM -


Custom Sidebars
has become the latest addition to WPMU DEV’s collection of free plugins available for download in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Custom Sidebars allows you to create your own widgetized areas and custom sidebars, and select which sidebars to use on posts or pages.

“We acquired the highly rated and popular plugin after hiring its creator Javi Marquez. Javi, a Spanish developer based in Seville, joined the WPMU DEV developer team last year.”

Sometimes it is necessary to show different elements on the sidebars for some posts or pages. The themes nowadays give you some areas to put the widgets, but those areas are common for all the posts that are using the same template. Custom Sidebars allows you to create all the widgetized areas you need, your own custom sidebars, configure them adding widgets, and replace the default sidebars on the posts or pages you want in just a few clicks.

Customize every widget area and also set new default sidebars for a group of posts or pages easily, keeping the ability of changing them individually.:

Sidebars for all the posts that belong to a category.
Sidebars for all the posts that belong to a post-type.
Sidebars for archives (by category, post-type, author, tag).
Sidebars for the main blog page.
Sidebars for search results.


I know I’ll be testing this plugin as I’ve wanted custom sidebars for years and just didn’t take the time to make a new .php for each page/post style. I like things that I click and it magically appears!

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