Smart Tube Pro Is Now Available For Free

Written by Bec on December 13, 2013 – 6:30 AM -

Smart Tube Pro 1.16.

Many people had problems setting up Smart Tube Pro due to PHP-FFMPEG issues, so they did some major tweaks that completely eliminates the need of PHP-FFMPEG and installing Smart Tube Pro is now extremely easy.

Smart Tube Pro now fully supports PHP 5.4 and they drastically reduced the amount of mandatory templates to edit, no more editing 120+ templates to have your tube skinned! The number of templates to edit depends on the type of site you are running, for a simple circle jerk style tube there are only two templates to edit!

NO MORE insane design costs… it’s a thing of the past! And to encourage former and new users to try out Smart Tube Pro they are offering unlimited copies of the tube software for free! The free version is exactly the same as the commercial version, but they just take 1.5% of your video/galleries impressions. Once you feel you’re making good money with tubes you can purchase a license and remove their skim. No features are locked in the free version so you will be able to enjoy a full featured copy of Smart Tube Pro.

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