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Remote Automatic Backups With CloneboxHave you setup Clonebox by BetterCGI yet? If you are an affiliate webmaster and/or a paysite owner then you should look at having a remote backup of your sites. The Clonebox team does multiple backups of everything on your server, so let’s imagine your physical host server location goes down, burns down, washes away in a tsunami, or you’re hit by a hacker and your daily backup was made by your host two minutes AFTER you got hit … with Clonebox you’re still online and doing business! The price for this kind of security and disaster prevention is priceless, yet very affordable with Clonebox.

Clonebox: Automatic Backups for your Servers and Websites

Automatic: It copies your data while you sleep
Efficient: It copies just the changed data incrementally saving bandwith
Smart: It monitors your site and notifies you in case something bad happens
Flexible: Choose between Full Server Clone and Data-only backup
Affordable: Check out their low price backup plans

Stolen Password and Password Sharing Protection Also be sure to checkout the Strongbox security system from It protects your web business from stolen passwords, password sharing, brute force attacks, and site rippers who post stolen copies of your site.

Strongbox is pro-active in protecting your website properties. Each day, the BetterCGI group spider analyzes all known password sites, retrieving tens of thousands of compromised passwords. As a subscriber to their proactive spider service, your system will be notified immediately when one of your passwords is posted on a password site.

The Strongbox security system will then disable that password even before anyone is able to use it to access your site. You can also have the Strongbox system email you to let you know which username was found posted on which password sites.

What others have to say:

About Strongbox. Get it. It’s one of your best investments. You’ll earn back the costs within a day if you are a small-medium (paysite owner).- Michael @ Femjoy/Joymii

From ShowMe69 – have used strongbox for 6yrs+ and nothing else out there compares…period!!!

Click Here to learn more about how these two Better CGI products can provide peace of mind with their top notch security systems.

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