The Next Step: Turning Your WP Tube Into A Paysite

Written by Bec on November 4, 2011 – 7:00 AM -

In my last post I discussed how to setup a free tube site using WordPress and a free WPTube theme. Today I’ll go over a couple of points that can take you to the next step: converting your WordPress tube site into a membership paysite.

Using the free Wp-paysite plugin you can create a member’s area that is password protected.  This free PaySite script gives you the ability to run a membership site based on the WordPress platform. It covers both front-end and back-end functionality preserving generic WordPress features. As you add 30 second or 1 minute video clips to the tube in the public area, you’re add the matching full length video inside the member’s area.


  • Handles both photo and video updates for the front-end.
  • Automatically crops thumbnails for both front-end and members area
  • Main update image for photo updates and adjustable number of additional images
  • Integrated flash player for video updates display at the front-end.
  • Any additional info pages for the front-end.
  • Manages photo and video updates at the member area
  • Possibility to categorize updates
  • Dynamic or static front-end
  • Multilingual support
  • Configurable number of free tour pages and updates per page
Plugin Author: WordPress4You. Visit his site, Adult Help, to view Video Tutorials for  the WPPaysite Plugin.


Now create buttons that go under each tube clip that say something like “watch the full length video now!” or “view more” and link it to your join page.

You’ll need to setup a billing system, and I don’t recommend using Paypal, as they are quite likely to terminate your account once they realize you are processing payments for adult content. CCBill is an excellent processor, plus you can also use their services if you decide to open up your paysite to affiliate promotion. Other adult billing processors can be found doing a quick search via Google.

Once you have the site built, and your billing processor in place you’re ready to start promoting it. Look for linklists that accept paysite listings, get links and banners onto your other domain properties/blogs. Put together and submit some movie galleries to the tgp sites, and you can also submit some of your tube clips to other tube sites to bring traffic back around to yours. Now have some fun and good luck on generating a nice profit!

**Note: If you are having problems getting your video files to play, try using the free Anarchy Media plugin. There is also a version for non-wordpress websites.


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Restricted to Adults WordPress Plugin

Written by Bec on February 28, 2011 – 5:29 PM -

Keeping your blogs “child safe” got a lot easier with the creation of a plugin that works with the Restricted to Adults labeling system. There’s a lot of content which isn’t appropriate for all ages so The [Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP)]( “ASACP) has developed the Restricted to Adults (RTA) tag which most online protection software respects.

Installing the RTA tag on a WordPress install can be somewhat complicated, so the Restricted to Adults plugin makes it one click — just activate the plugin and your site is restricted to adults. Pick it up here, or do a search and auto install with your plugin side panel options.

For non-wordpress adult sites, grab the meta tag code to use in your header at

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Automatically Submit Your Videos to Tube Sites

Written by Bec on November 6, 2010 – 7:30 AM -

   Advanced Video Submitter (v2.5) is a video upload software created in two versions: AVS Adult and AVS Tubes, for use by both adult and mainstream webmasters. Advanced Video Submitter is a powerfull and indispensable video submission software that should be used by every serious webmaster, and you can get it today for HALF Price!

By uploading videos to tube sites, using the tube uploader, you will not only increase your website’s traffic rank but you’ll also increase your income and save precious time while uploading videos. Regardless if you are using tube videos as an affiliate, or as a site owner, you need to focus on your business and let the video submission software automatically do the grunt work for you!


There are currently over 230 adult tube sites in their database. Click here to request a demo copy now and try the viral video submitter FREE for 7 days!

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How To Put An XML Feed On Your Webpage

Written by Bec on September 20, 2010 – 7:56 AM -

Do you have a website that isn’t powered by blog software and RSS plugins and want to display XML/RSS feeds on it? Then read on and discover just how easy it is to do!

How To Put An XML Feed On Your Webpage

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) has taken off in a big way. Just as satellite television beams more channels into your home than you can watch, RSS allows to you display an endless amount of other peoples content. Whilst RSS XML feeds are plenty, there’s not as much in the way of clear, simple instruction when it comes to making use of those feeds.

If you’re one of the webmasters who uses a content management system that makes using RSS XML feeds as simple as specifying a feed URL then you’re fortunate in that respect. For others, the options available tend to be offered by developers of the software and the usage instructions provided can often be riddled with technical jargon. Many cry, “Use my feed”, but fewer tell you how.

One of the best and easiest ways I’ve found to show the content from an RSS XML feed on one of my websites is to use a ready made PHP parser. Now, don’t worry about what that means, just think of it as somthing that someone has already created; a blackbox that makes it easy for you to use content from RSS feeds and display it on your website.

For this guide, I’ve used MagpieRSS because it’s compact, works well and is distributed under the GPL, which basically means it’s free for you to use. Now, MagpieRSS is written in PHP so you’ll need a compatible hosting account that allows you to execute PHP scripts.

For the purposes of this guide, I’m assuming you’ve some level of basic knowledge about websites e.g. you know how to FTP, change file permissions etc. Covering the basics of running a website is beyond the scope of this article.

Instead, let’s cover what are probably the most difficult steps; displaying the content from an RSS feed on your website.

1. Download the latest stable release of MagpieRSS.

2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file onto your computer.

3. The core files you need from the ZIP package are,,, You’ll also need the extlib folder together with the file inside of it.

4. Create a new file (you can create this page in Notepad) to display your RSS feed. I’ve called mine, index.php. Inside this file, copy and paste the contents of the example file referred to in this link and save it. (Where you see $url= replace the http url address with the http address of the rss feed you want fetched to your website)

5. Upload all of the files and the folder mentioned in steps 3 and 4 to your hosting account. Put them into the desired location, but ensure that the file is still within the extlib folder.

6. Then visit the file you created in step 4 using your web browser.

That’s the basics of it. Once you’ve got this far, customising the way you present the content of the feed is relatively easy. Just refer back to the MagpieRSS website for guidance on how to do this.

William Lee is the Internet Marketing Fool. The MagpieRSS website is The code to copy in step 4 can be found at SnipUrl.

Article Source: Ezine Articles

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Create an Adult Classifieds Section Using WordPress

Written by Bec on September 16, 2010 – 8:00 AM -

Are your site users needing a way to interact with one another — privately? Then an inexpensive way to add that functionality to your blog would be with an Adult Classified Ads Section, (Adult Personals) using a FREE WordPress plugin of course!

I would set it up so that they have to register to get access, just to keep the kids out. You could even charge a few bucks to list an ad, and a couple bucks more to include photos. A dating site plugin would also work, but good ones aren’t free, and they probably have more functions available than you really need. Using a classified plugin lets you ad social interaction quickly (and cheaply) to your blog.

Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin (AWCP) is feature rich in, and of, itself. Check out just some of what’s possible:

Ad Features

A. Search ads by city, state, country, username, or keyword
B. Allow AdSense ads to be displayed
C. Control over HTML use in ads
D. Limit the text size of ad postings
E. Standard form fields can be enabled or disabled, depending on your needs (title, website, name, country, etc)
F. Allow or disallow image posting with ads
G. Automatic expiration of ads (free or paid)
H. Configurable ad display for AdSense placement

Image Features

  1. Allow image posting or shut it off completely
  2. Control the number, filesize, height and width of images posted
  3. Allow for different numbers of images to be posted with paid ads vs. free ads
  4. Allow for image approval prior to posting

There’s a lot more features that you can look over at the AWCP website. The AWCP plugin is a free download and can also be downloaded from If you want to add on some other more advanced function they have some inexpensive modules for sale ($19-$30). The plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes, and you can translate it into whatever language you prefer.  Click here to get an idea of how it could look on your blog.

So maybe make this a weekend project and I’m sure you will be coming up with all sorts of other ideas on how to use this Classified Ads Wordpress plugin!

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Get 25% Discount on reviewsPress

Written by Bec on September 11, 2010 – 7:11 PM -

reviewsPRESS WordPress Theme 25% Off

Get your hands on reviewsPRESS This is a 25% discount. This WP theme can turn your blog into a fully funtional product review site.Setup in less than 5 minutes flat!…

Click Here to Get It Now


Define categories of ratings you wish to collect.
Fraud prevention.
Globally enable/disable plugin per category.
Enable/disable given rating category per category.
Collect ratings along with every new comment.
Recalculating ratings on deleting comments.
Display ratings collected for each comment.
Display average rating from all collected ratings for a post review.
Display the number of positive or negative ratings for each post review.
Display weighted overall post score rating.
Comparison chart with site personal rating, price, key features.

…and UNLIMITED domain usage with purchase!Click Here to Get It Now**25% discount will appear in the checkout after you make your selections.

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Faulty WordPress Plugin Problems?

Written by Bec on July 16, 2009 – 7:43 AM -

With the rapid advancements and new versions of  WordPress that keep coming out, it’s inevitable that some of our favorite plugins aren’t going to be compatible with the newer versions. Either the author has abandoned the plugin or the upgrade just isn’t coming out fast enough, and hiring a coder to fix it is terribly expensive.  So, I was really surprised and delighted to get an email from Max Blog Press offering to upgrade wordpress plugins for FREE! Yes, you read that right … For Free! Now we have a way to rescue our favorite wordpress plugins!

Max Blog Press has launched a new project called “MaxBlogPress Revived” where he’ll be fixing the plugin for you at no cost. Just let him know what plugin you are having a problem with and he’ll tackle fixing it so you can use it again for your blog, with NO cost on your part.

To learn more about this project and to submit the plugin problem you are having go to

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Quickly Access Your Sales Stats

Written by Bec on June 8, 2009 – 7:46 AM -

There are a couple of programs out there designed to help webmasters quickly see their sales stats without having to log into every sponsor’s program site, or to CCBill or Epoch to get them. One that I found to be extremely easy to use is Niftystats. Basically you install the program on your computer, open it up and go down the sponsor list and fill in your user name and password for each one you use and that’s it! Every now and again you’ll get reports about sales you’ve made, but I especially like the big smile that jumps onto my face whenever the little sales bubble pops up in the corner of my computer screen letting me know recent sales activity!

What is Nifty Stats?

Nifty Stats is a desktop utility, which automatically in regular intervals downloads the stats from your affiliate programs.

Nifty Stats brings automated statistics right to your desktop for any time frame pre-defined by you – and it shows these stats in real time and on a regular basis. It is 100% safe and the entire communication runs just between your computer and the server of your affiliate program. Nifty Stats currently supports over 500 sponsor programs, including Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Yahoo and Commission Junction.

They offer a Pro Version and a FREE version! Download NiftyStats Now!

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