You Need a Blog Writer!

Written by Bec on August 26, 2008 – 1:09 PM -

Blog Writer for HireWell, it finally happened: You have waaaay too many blogs to manage in whatever time frame you’ve given yourself daily to attend to their needs, or maybe you just need to give your creative muse a break … whatever the reason(s) … You Need a Blog Writer! So who’s out there that is Adult niche savvy and willing to take on the grunt work of sizing pics and writing appropriate copy and making sure the links work and that your posts appear when they are supposed to?

I know a few folk in the industry, besides myself, that are writers for hire and up to the daily posting challenge, but most of them are booked up with writing gigs that extend beyond their normal life expectancy. However, there is hope of getting some writing help!  Jeff (aka RDude), of Porn-n-Prose has recently hung up his shingle and is currently taking on additional clients.  Jeff also handles requests for short stories, and other text media besides blog posts. I’ve seen his work, as he has, and does, do postings for Gay Demon, and his prices are very reasonable. Now, no pushing and shoving, but I do suggest you hustle your bod over and check out his site Porn-n-Prose and order some blog posting services before he’s also overwhelmed with requests.

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2 Comments to “You Need a Blog Writer!”

  1. RDude Says:

    Thanks so much for the promo Bec! Great resource you’ve got going on here. Definitely something all webmasters can use to help them with this business. And all for free. Doesn’t get much better than that.

    Yeah folks, come on over to and have a look around. I have a few slots left before my 24 hour day is used up. LOL.

    Good luck to everyone with their endeavours!


  2. Bec Says:

    You’re quite welcome for the promo Jeff, and it’s great to know there are more qualified writers available for the Adult blogosphere!

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